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H2row shoes are offered overseas by the following representatives:

Australia - Gavin Jenner (Melbourne) 0412 915 945 gavin@h2row.com.au

Canada - Croker West info@crokerwest.com

Czech Republic - Michal Vabrousek  michal@vabrousek.cz

Western Europe - Heeres Boat Service info@heeresboatservice.nl

New Zealand - Viv Haar (Wellington) 567-9854

Rowing is Hard - buying rowing shoes is easy!

Can't find shoes in your area?
  • E-mail us at yukondon@comcast.net.
  • We'll find a way to get you shoes - affordably. 
  • Rowing is Hard - buying shoes is easy with H2row!

H2row is the world leader in rowing shoes.  Try a pair to find out why we are the best in quality and service.