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Rowing stuff you MUST own.  Do not adjust your monitor.  I command you - purchase these items - in bulk - immediately!



Plate Holder - $5


Trophy Toppers - $10


Plate Holder - $5    What better way to express your superiority over your "stick-and-ball sport" friends?  Grab a sharpie and customize the blade to your own crew colors - I did.  Way Cool!

Trophy Toppers - $10   No more lame/generic awards.  Now male and (for the first time in history) female rowing figures available with old school or hatchet oars.  Just want the oars?  We've got them too for $3 each.  So you didn't win a trophy? How neat are these on your desk?  As replacement King and Queen on your chess set?  As the coolest hood ornament at the club?  Wedding/Birthday/Graduation cake decoration?  But really, who gets married on their birthday AND graduation day?