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Phenolic plates are available for all boats (Empacher, Filippi, Sykes - got you covered).  Salt water crews - are your aluminum plates corroding?


Designed especially for folks rebuilding singles or footboards.  Single row of holes in center allows wider stance in narrow hulls.

PLEASE CALL when ordering plates as these are tricky. We want to send the correct size for your boat. 


How many times have these ruined your day?  So buy some spare ones to keep on hand.  Super long laces (slightly different than shown - you'll cut them in half) 3 for a dollar.  At this price, replace whole boat for about 5 bucks and "fuggettaboutit".

Specially made for fitting shoes in older shells, recreational boats, and others like old Kaschpers with a single bolt mounting system.  You'll need a pair but these stainless fittings will last a lifetime.

Got'em in 8-foot (1X and 2X=$4.90) 9-foot (4's=$5.70) and 12' (8's=$6.15).  Ask about optional bumpers that protect shells and car roofs - cheaper than touch-up paint - I know! 

WING NUTS - 40 cents (Metric 50 cents)

Admit it...You've been buying that cheap stuff at the hardware store and now it's all rusty. We've got what your boat really needs.  Order extra, cause they oughta call these feet nuts as they seem to walk away.

NYLON WING NUTS - 30 cents (1/4-20 and 10-32 only)

All the cool kids are doing it.  Saving weight (and their sanity) by going to nylon wing nuts for use with their shoes/tracks/riggers.  You wanted to try them but...dang, those things are expensive.  Not at H2row!

NYLON CAP NUTS - 30 CENTS (1/4-20)

Use these to prevent damage. Great for ends of rigger bolts or especially, on top of your sculling pins.  Quit poking holes in your boats!  I use them on my shell - you should too!

Don't see what you need?  Call me.  If I don't have it, I probably know who does. 



Lanyards - $1

Forget the Hallmark card - nothing say's "I Love You" like an H2row lanyard.  Current models feature a hatchet oar along with our web address.

Don't see what you need?  Ask.  We know where to get it! 


Don't wait - call now!! Before your boat breaks (again).