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The ELITE Sculling Shoe is the lightest, best fitting rowing shoe available - period.

Since we began manufacturing rowing shoes, scullers have asked for a shoe that is fully stitched, more comfortable, and lighter.  Oh, and give us 2-strap fastening and a great color.  Mission accomplished.  The H2row ELITE Sculler combines a neoprene core for great fit with a leather forefoot and heel for durability.  Cut-outs provide more ventilation than a standard shoe.  Our 3/4 length molded sole fully stitched to the insole combines with an enhanced heel counter to provide maximum boat feel and control.

ELITE Sculler - Just $89

So Why a Different Shoe for Sculling? - Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical
The forces on a sculling footboard can be very different than those of a sweep boat.  Standard H2row shoes are designed to resist the lateral forces common in sweep rowing.  The ELITE Sculler sole is designed to provide enhanced feel to the sculler who who is using his/her feet on the recovery to subtly prepare the boat for the next stroke.

Who Should Buy These? - Rowers putting shoes in a boat that they row exclusively who are looking for improved performance and comfort.
Who Shouldn't Buy These? - If you will have people of different foot sizes rowing your shell - stick with the standard shoe. The standard shoe will also hold up better for those who row in extreme environments and regularly store their shell outdoors.

The ELITE Sculling Shoe
For $89 treat yourself to the BEST shoe available for your shell.
Available in U.S. Men's sizes 8-13