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How did you live without this before? Here's why our light is best:
1. Lightweight/Simple/Bright
2. Not a Bike Light - this is from the Scuba industry - Hello Water!
3. STEADY Red/Green LED for bow applications.  
4. Flashing White LED Bulbs for stern make batteries last and you stand out on the water
5. NEW improved reflector and strap. 
6. Steering post mount available for white light use on stern.
  $25  $25  Did I say $25   NOBODY offer rowing lights for that price.  We do!

Bow Light
A Bright Idea - $25

The Best got even Better!
H2row boat Slings now available in two sizes - sculling and sweep! 

H2row Slings use the finest long-lasting weather resistant fabric
combined with innovative design and stainless fasteners to produce
a boat sling that outlasts the others, all at a price that can't be beat.  
Extra large sweep sculls suitable for wing-rig shells - $115.  
New sculling size slings - $105.
December Deal - 3 pair for $299 - order by December 15. 

H2row Slings
Now in sweep and sculling sizes!

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