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Club Model shoe accomodates a range of sizes
without compromising performance - $78
Better than aspirin for relieving coaches headaches 

The H2row Club Shoe - $78

This neoprene-based open-toed sandal is perfect for crews where many different people row the same shells.  Shoes adjust to fit a span of about 4 sizes, providing a great rowing experience for a wider range of athletes.  AWESOME for open water rowers - in fact, if you are an open water rower and aren't wearing these - DUH!
Hey, I own a rowing shoe company which means I have samples of EVERY ROWING SHOE AVAILABLE.  As someone who beach launches, this is the shoe I row every day, and have for the past 7 years.  Nuff said?
Available in 2 sizes.  Small is designed to comfortably fit size 8 to 11.  Large, accomodates size 10 and up.  Bolts right in to your current boat.  Set your toes free! 

Dock Sock! - $16

Do you wade in?  Fuss with shoes on the dock?  I wear these neoprene dive socks from car to the dock and into the boat.  No worries about wet socks, goose crap, toxic sludge (where I launch) or "who took my shoes?"  Great for taking up extra space for those of you (Ladies?) who are putting your feet in shoes that are too large. Light duty sole provides just enough dock "gription" and perfect for use in the Club Shoe - that's why I put these here!  I get about a season (I'm up North) out of these.  Sizes Small (Men's 6) Medium (approx Men's 8), Large (Men's 10) and XL (Men's 12).  These are neoprene so they stretch to accomodate a range of sizes.
I don't make these - but I wear them and figured my customer's would love them too! $16 - probably less than your local scuba store cause I buy'em wholesale.


Neoprene Diving Sock - $16

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